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Dr. María Emil Jiménez

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

María Emil Jiménez was born in San Juan Puerto Rico, where she completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at the Ponce School of Medicine. The service and his vision of the future have characterized his work since early in his career. After graduating, he obtained an executive position as part of the Mental Health and Addiction Services Administration. Later he moved to directly serve the juvenile community within the correctional system. Then, Dr. Jiménez moved to Florida, where she became a psychologist and principal advisor for the selection, administration, and interpretation of psychological evaluations for the Spanish-speaking population. Dr. Jimenez has a distinctive approach for her clients with vast experience working with children, adolescents and adults of different socioeconomic backgrounds. She is also a competent and compassionate professional. When asked about his frankness and friendliness, Dr. Jimenez commented: "Friends often joke I\ always find a way to connect with people even in the strangest circumstances." In Colorado, she hopes to integrate into the community and culture while enjoying the beauty of this state.

Dr. Alfonso Cappa

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Alfonso Cappa is a graduate of the School of Medicine of Ponce, Clinical Psychology Program, approved by the American Psychological Association. He has been working in the field of mental health for more than 10 years. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where he held a clinical director position at a substance abuse clinic for children and families. Then he decided to move to Colorado after falling in love not only with the beauty of the state, but also with the kindness of his people. Here, he has worked in multiple environments with a wide variety of populations and psychological problems. He has vast experience working in the community health system, Consultant and as a Behavioral Health Provider. This has reinforced both his clinical skills and his compassion for his patients. Its theoretical framework is biopsychosocial. His approach to the patient considers the interaction of biological, thought and social processes in the manifestation of the psychological problem. This integrated method allows you to see your clients as complete individuals; therefore, it addresses the patient's problem from multiple angles. The impact of the services it provides tends to be not only effective, but efficient. Dr. Cappa firmly believes in the power of compassion and trust in treatment: "The therapeutic alliance is the most important component to success in therapy. It is always important for me to understand the uniqueness of the patient. You must earn trust. Only then does the real change begin. " Dr. Cappa is also a comic book enthusiast, movie lover, Broncos fan and a natural born geek.

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